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using nous™ with other access methods/assistive tech

Looking for additional switches to improve computer access? nous™, the wearable blink switch is the option you’ve been looking for

nous™, the wearable blink switch, can be a useful computer access method for people with physical disabilities that affect all their limbs and voice. Did you know it can also be used as an additional way of interacting with computers, for those who already have an access method?

There are a number of alternative access systems that assist users of technology who have physical disabilities, that make it difficult to use mainstream tools such as a keyboard and mouse.  

A person who may only have one or two reliable physical movements may be able to use switches if the switches are placed in the correct place, and/or they are able to repeat the physical movements to use them.

Switches and other alternative access methods come in a large range of sizes and can be placed almost anywhere to accommodate most types of movement. The largest group of switches are for limb or head operation.

These include simple lever or pressure switches that can be used with a single movement of any part of the body. These range from grip and thumb switches, pressure switches, tilt or posture switches, touch and proximity switches. Some switches can be operated by suck, blow, blink (like nous), muscle, sound or almost any other voluntary action.

Other forms of access can allow users to directly access a computer through a head-wand (essentially a stylus attached to a headband that the user taps on a touch screen) or eye-gaze systems (use technology that uses infrared to understand where the pupils are looking on a screen, and use the eyes like a computer mouse).

Use nous™ to enable you to do more with your technology

Whether you use jelly button switches, sip-puff, proximity switches or eye-gaze, nous can work effortlessly and seamlessly with these access technologies to help you augment your computer interaction or swap between different access methods based on your needs.

Some examples of how our customers have been using nous™ with other access methods:

  • Using nous™ and a head-switch for two-switch scanning. This provides users with more control and sometimes more speed
  • Using nous™ as an alternative to ‘dwell to select’ for eye gaze. Use your eyes like a computer mouse, and use your eyes to blink to “click”
  • Using nous™ as a supplementary access method, for different environments and when user’s are fatigued.

Want to know more about how to set up nous™ as a switch access method for some of the most popular assistive software available? Check out our start up guide.