Release Notes & Software Updates

Version 0.3.4

October 25th 2018

What’s new?

  • nous™ now supports Clicker 7, literacy software! Once you’ve updated nous, make sure to click "Refresh" on the list of applications to get the new option. 

What’s changed?

  • The double blink to put nous into a “rest state” has been turned off by default. We got lots of feedback saying that although it’s useful to have this option, when people are learning to use nous, the rest state would put the device to rest by accident. That sounds like too much interference to us! You can choose to toggle the rest state back on through the nous side-menu.
  • We’ve improved the lingo for manual advancement during blink calibration, so it’s easier to get the gist of what to do. Remember, if you want to go back to auto advancement for blink calibration, then you can turn it on through the nous side-menu
  • We’ve made it easier to exit nous! Before, when you closed your third party software after use, you would still need to exit nous through the side-menu. Now, once you close the third party software, you’ll get a pop-up window that will give you the option to also exit nous™ too! That makes a whole-lot more sense, why didn’t we think of that sooner? 

Bug fixes

  • We found some missing deets in the software information pop-up that you can see in the nous side-menu. The description for mapping keystrokes for third party software had vanished and you couldn’t see which key to select to connect to nous. We hired a private investigator, who found this info on a remote island, we had to use all our force to bring it back! 
  • There were some issues with multiple Bluetooth devices being paired to a computer, where nous would get confused and say it would be connected to one device but it wasn’t. Sometimes it's hard to know when you’ve made a real connection, you know? Anyway, we’ve figured out a few ways to make that connection a real spark, and hopefully, you’ll feel that too with less errors when your headset is connecting to nous
  • A third-party communication software that we support, Communicator 5 by Tobii Dynavox, sometimes had trouble launching through nous. They seemed to get their wires crossed, and didn’t like talking to each other. After some socratic questioning, they worked things out and now really enjoy interacting. 
  • We've got mechanisms in place to ensure that movements and signals which aren't blinks, aren't confused as blinks. However, these mechanisms seem to have been too stringent, and causing some issues in how well you can use nous™. So, we've liberated these mechanisms, just a tad, and it's working a treat.


Version 0.3.3

September 18th 2018

What's new? 

  • Blink refectory period: ensures that when a user does a single blink, only one blink command is issued. Whereas before, single blinks were sometimes picked up as two separate blink commands. 
  • Custom keystroke option: a wonderous new feature that enables you to use nous with any keyboard activated game or application, such as switch training games featured in HelpKidzLearn and the Judy Lynn website. To use this option, you will need to know which keystroke is used by the application to connect to switch interfaces.
  • Manually advance intentional blink collection in calibration: this new feature ensures that the blinks which are captured for calibration are only intentional blinks. Previously, with the auto-advance blink collection there were instances where involuntary blinks or other artefacts were recorded as blinks, making for not-so-fun sessions that were error-prone. 

What's Changed? 

  • Our app information icons now have explanations for how nous works with 3rd party applications, and which keystroke it sends to in the the 3rd party application. We've done the same for the rest state item in the nous menu, explaining what it is and how it works. 

Bug Fixes

  • nous™ was getting stuck on "Sit back while nous prepares for calibration" screen if a 3rd party app was closed- we've unstuck it!
  • Exiting the setup wizard without launching the software didn't show a warning, it now does.
  • Email validation registration for nous sign-up was not allowing subdomains that had two full stops. It now allows all subdomains.
  • The last set nous™ tab position wasn't saved. It's now saved upon exiting the application, so when you launch again it will be in the same position as your last session. 
  • If you had more than four 3rd party applications, the layout looked very strange, it's now more pleasant on the eyes.  

Version 0.3.2

August 29th 2018

What's Changed? 

  • In the previous versions, when you went going through the first installation of nous, you'll see a video pop up, that introduced you to your new software and headset. We've now popped in an option to pause/resume the video, so you can take your time digesting this new information. 
  • Before, you would see an option to "launch the on boarding wizard" in the nous side-menu, even if you had already completed it. Now, it will disappear if the wizard has been completed. 
  • We've improved our calibration algorithm- at times it seemed as if the selected threshold was too high and intentional blinks were not detected. This wasn't ideal, so we did some investigation and pumped out a new approach to make your blinks easily detectable.
  • nous was taking its sweet time to shutdown, we've fixed the process so that your exit experience is short and sweet. 

Bug Fixes

  • The onboarding window used to be topmost and blocked the browser when you opened the web help option. nous now knows when you've navigated out of the app, and will stop hogging all the attention.
  • We found that at times the count down to auto-dismiss the signal quality restore window went into negative numbers! We've put nous™ through some positive-thinking training, so the count down will stop being so negative. 
  • We've fixed some inconsistencies and bad behaviours with 3rd party applications changing sizes when nous™ notifications and alerts pop up.
  • We've fixed the app auto-update, as it had gone wayward and was sending people to "forbidden" zones due to incorrect URL. 

Version 0.3.1

July 26th 2018

What's new? 

  • When you're going through the first installation of nous™, you'll see a video pop up, that will introduce you to your new software and headset.
  • Need help? We've got you sorted with in-app links to our helpful support docs or request for tech support!
  • Our in-app sounds have been refined to be more pleasant and distinct. 

Version 0.3.0-1

July 18th 2018

Bug Fixes

  • There were some UI hiccups when a headset disconnected. The UI didn't give you indication as to whether the signal was poor, whether it had rekindled a connection or could not find a connection at all. We've fixed nous' ability to communicate how connected it feels. 

Version 0.3.0

July 13th 2018

What's new? 

  • Double Blinks OMG OMG! This new feature allows you to turn nous to Rest state and then back to Active using double-blinks- for example, it can ignore you blinks when you're not using the computer or if you're watching a video. This is an optional feature that you can toggle on/off depending on whether it is useful for you. 
  • Because we're introducing new features, we've made the nous side-menu scrollable, so all these beautiful new things are visible to you. 

Bug Fixes

  • The button for selecting your 3rd party software was not cooperating, by acting un-clickable. We had a chat, and it knows how to behave now.
  • Some of our alert icons were inconsistent- it's like they had a mind of their own! Don't worry, we have full ownership over them again in this totalitarian world of software.