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12 Reasons Why Nous Blink is Unique

Not all Blink Switches are Made the Same

Nous Blink is wearable blink switch that uses the electrical signals of eye blinks to access computers. It’s unlike any other blink switch that’s currently on the market. We’ve reviewed some of the most popular ones, and here are 12 reasons why Nous is unique when compared to others:

  1. Uses Artificial Intelligence to build a model of your clients’ blinks:

    Works by detecting purposeful blinks, and learning a person’s blink patterns over time. This means that it is more reliable than others, as it knows what a natural blink looks like, and chooses to ignore them. This means that Nous adjusts to the user, and not the other way around.

  2. Quick to calibrate:

    Nous only requires your clients to blink four times to calibrate an intentional blink threshold, which will be used for control.

  3. Completely wireless and rechargeable:

    All other blink switches have wires, leads, a sensor and a mains power pack/charger. These are bulky and heavy to carry around, and pieces can easily be lost. Our headset comes in one piece, it’s completely wireless, light, and rechargeable.

    One of our customers wearing the Nous headband
  4. Positioning isn’t an issue:

    Physical position can affect the success of an access method. The type of seating can also make a difference, whether it’s an armchair or a special supportive seat. Because Nous is worn by the user, positioning isn’t an issue. It can be used in any body position and environment. Your client can communicate and interact comfortably while lying down or sitting in any position.

  5. Nous prioritises comfort:

    Our hardware is a soft wearable headband. It’s a stretchy, breathable and washable headband that sits on your client’s forehead. It enables them to still use their head/neck support. The action of blinking also requires minimal effort compared to other access methods. A gentle, natural movement is all it takes to access assistive software. No more straining, stretching and sweating to hit that switch.

  6. Doesn’t obstruct your client’s vision:

    Most other blink switches are positioned besides the eye or in front. They also need to be attached to glasses. This means that your client’s vision can be obstructed. Nous sits on the forehead, similar to an exercise sweat band.

    Examples of other Blink switches
  7. Can be put into rest mode:

    Just like with eye-gaze, your clients have the option of putting Nous into rest mode, using a sequence of blinks.

  8. Looks like wearable tech not an assistive device:

    Nous is designed to reflect mainstream trends in wearable technologies, which are more readily accepted by users, rather than assistive technologies which can be stigmatising.

  9. Human-centred design to ensure an intuitive experience:

    Nous was co-designed with therapists, people with disabilities and their support network. There’s 3 years of iterative design behind getting every aspect of the product closer to what users want and need. We’re still working on it, and won’t stop improving on the software, hardware and support.

  10. Designed for the future, available in the present:

    Nous is continuously being improved and iterated on, and there will be constant updates to the software and hardware to enable more reliable, comfortable and user-friendly assistive technology.

  11. Free on-boarding and video support:

    We want to ensure that you get the best possible experience with Nous, and enjoy trialling it with your clients. So we will on-board you and provide video support when you need it. We also have video tutorials, and easy to follow quick setup guide.

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