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Using Nous with Grid 3 by Smartbox

We are super excited to announce a partnership with Smartbox Assistive Technology, the makers of Grid AAC to bring nous™ to Grid users around the world! 💚

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What is Grid 3?

Grid 3 is a modern, complete communication solution that enables people to have a voice, control their environment and live more independent and full lives.

It is carefully designed to ensure it can be used by anyone with complex communication or access needs, and contains content for all ages and abilities, including access to mainstream applications.

Content for everyone

Grid 3 is designed with users who have complex communication needs in mind. There are numerous ready made resources for everyone to explore, from powerful communication tools for text to grid sets for communicating with symbols and developing literacy. It’s easy to create your own grid sets, to make communication more relevant to you and your literacy needs.

Text communication

We’ve been exploring nous™ with Grid 3’s latest app, Text Talker. Text Talker is packed with innovative features to make communicating as fast and efficient as possible, even with single switch scanning. You can quickly generate messages in the moment and prepare for conversations in advance.

The app learns your vocabulary, which again speeds up communication. What’s really cool is that the app can adjust your vocabulary based on your location. So if you’re in a cafe, it will recognise that you’re likely to be asking for a coffee or cake, and asking for prices, and it will prioritise these as the likely options which you would be selecting.

Accessible apps

Use nous™ to play around with Grid 3’s Accessible apps. These are mainstream apps that have been modified for alternative access, so you can browse the web, use social media and so much more.

There are grid sets for everything from making a quick phone call and sending a quick text or email, to updating your Facebook page and watching videos on YouTube.

Control your environment

Accessing your smart home system is easy with Grid 3. Any device that uses infrared and radio technology to connect to your smart home system is compatible with Grid 3.

This can allow you to operate anything from televisions and lights, heaters and beds etc. There is a Simple Environment Control grid set that comes with the standard app, and can be accessed seamlessly using nous™.

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nous™ enables access to Grid 3

Designed for access

Grid 3 has been designed to work effortlessly with every type of alternative access, even novel technologies like nous™. They’ve considered access throughout this software, making it simple to adjust features and settings to suit the needs of your access method.

With nous™, Grid 3 can be accessed by using your Blinks to activate an auto-scanner, or to advance your scanner with dwell to select. The timing can be adjusted to suit your speed of access. Usually when you’re starting off, it’s good to slow down the timing for the auto-scanner and dwell to select, until you get the hang of things.


Scanning with switches in Grid 3 is a new experience, with features no other communication software currently utilises.

One of the stand out features for us is the Scan Progress Indicator. This tool improves usability because you anticipate when the item you wish to select will be highlighted.

It’s also possible to select more advanced scanning, such as grouping cells into blocks, rows and columns, advance the scan automatically or manually, use additional switches and adjust switch timings.

It is highly customisable and intuitive, making it a pleasure to use for all stakeholders - including communication partners.

Want to explore Grid 3 with nous™?

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We’ve also created this start up guide. Learn to adjust your Grid 3 settings to work seamlessly with nous™.