Nous Blink has been discontinued. The last few systems are now offered at a significant discount. Get in touch to discuss now.

Nous™ Blink (application license)

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Use your device's serial number (e.g. M125T1912xxxxx) to check out for free and have your license created. Then use the email you checked out with to activate your copy of Nous.

Download the Nous software here.


Nous™ is a switch access method that uses your blinks to access a computer.

Nous is both hardware and software.

The hardware component is a soft headset that houses the sensors which measure your blinks.

The software component translates the blink information from these sensors and uses them as a switch access method for Windows OS based computer applications.

You can access Communicator 5 by Tobii Dynavox, NuVoice by PRC and Grid 3 by Smartbox, as well as other software applications that can be used with switch interfaces, such as cause and effect games.